CairnhillWealth is a private equity firm that manages assets across SOUTH EAST ASIA, EUROPE and the UNITED STATES. Always ahead and investing for tomorrow, Cairnhilwealth never compromise on performance and consistency, value investing for this generation and the next. 


" I've joined cairnhillwealth for 3 years now and have never came across any issues with withdrawing funds from their array of preferred brokers, my client relation manager, Derrick is fast to respond to my queries and address any concern i have. I will most certainly entrust more funds with them

Maxi Tan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much would i need to get started ?

Our strategies can operate from as low as $2500 however a recommended amount would be $5000-10000

How much are the returns ?

We project between 17.5-28.5% quarterly however we have been over-performing for the past 3 years netting an average of 40% monthly

What is my risk ?

We have yet to  encounter a losing month throughout our 260 weeks of active trading however in the worst case scenario our stop lost is at 30% in which case the company will credit back the 30%.

How much do you guys charge ?

Our fees are post-paid based on the profits we bring you we take a 25% commission every quarter with no management fees.

How do i get started ?

Firstly no capital/funds are to be transferred directly to us, we would recommend a third party broker entirely independent from Cairnhillwealth from there withdrawals and deposits can only be made by you leaving us only with the ability to trade