Our story

Trading forex since 1999

Cairnhillwealth is established with one agenda in mind, to provide transparent, authentic and consistent gains for every type of investor.

Being a victim of a fraudulent corporation once before, the founder embarked on a journey to provide the authentic returns through honest means.

It is not by luck that Cairnhillwealth has been consistently profiting since 1999 with myFXBook credentials established in 2015 and live til date. It is the work of 12 talented traders specialized in their own fields, fundamental/technical and algorithmic development that created this vehicle that drives constant profits. 

We believe in relationships first. investments second. When we have the opportunity to connect with you we hope to not only bring consistent and stellar results but a ease of mind knowing that your capital is safe, secure and withdrawal at any time.

At the end of the day, this is your hard earned money and here at cairnhillwealth we treat it as our own and respect it as such