We are the sharpest tools in the shed

We procure only the best by using unconventional methods to identify and cherry-pick our associates. Our inclusive family of 64 full-time/part-time employees ranges from all races, gender and religion. Cairnhillwealth discriminates none and welcomes all likeminded individuals to submit their resumes for review. 

We believe in growing alongside our partners, we offer scholarships and training , career progressions locally and aboard. 

Expect an inclusive, safe, conducive environment when working at Cairnhillwealth 

Regional Real Estate Executive

Given our extensive portfolio of real estate in London ,Singapore ,Hangzhou , Japan and the United States. 

We are looking for individuals that have an eye for detail and able to take on the most demanding expectations from clients as well as manage client relations. 

Marketing Director

Our marketing director will oversee a team of 6 to formulate the best forward-thinking strategies to position our brand and communicate our unique selling point in its most authentic and impactful form

Sectors include: Real Estate, foreign exchange Investments and stock options

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Senior Portfolio Manager

A portfolio managers oversees the client's interests in fields that the clients are directly or indirectly invested in. Such as stock purchases, foreign exchange trading strategy, commodities and general investments while adhering legal regulations to the letter 

Sustainable, Safe and Performance at the highest level is expected of portfolio managers

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Lead Generation Specialist

Our leads generation specialist should be able to generate quality leads for our sales executive, working hand in hand with the marketing team to ensure that the company is able to acquire its desired clientele base

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